Big Baller Brand Emojis App Reviews

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I love big baller

I love the family and I love the JBA when I become old enough I wanna try out for the jba not for the money but to be part of history. I really really want big baller clothes but I can’t afford them because my parents think I should save my money. Well I love the family and keep up the good work

So fun!

I love the Ball family and this app is such a fun way to incorporate them into my daily conversations!

Best bbb app

realllly nice p



Great App

BBB for life!!!

Biggest baller of the big ballers

I have ascended into a super being after the purchase of this application. No longer am I detriment, but instead, I am a mf legend. My old ways of a non-bigballer have disappeared into the space time continuum. My previous remarks are not fibs, but are true indeed. I propose you download this app if you want to morph into a big baller. Your morale will be boosted every time Lavar Ball tells you that you are a big baller.


It is very confusing and I don’t know how to send the emoji


Best app in the world if you don’t have this app you’re a small baller.

Good app

I like this app. Funny emojis

Thank you, LaVar.

Let me start this review off by saying thank you, LaVar, from the bottom of my heart. I truly never thought I’d be this happy because of an app. I have to be honest, the first time I saw the BBB emoji app, I was skeptical.. I was thinking to myself “1.99 for an emoji?? What’s wrong with these people”. I kept seeing advertisements for the app on the Big Baller Brand instagram. I was inclined to look at some reviews for the app, and I saw it had 4.9/5 stars. I saw reviews from people that said it was their best $2 spent, some even said it changed their lives. I thought these people were either crazy or just trying to be funny, but it was when I brought the app that I realized they were in fact not crazy and they were completely serious. It took some time to convince myself it was worth the money, but I won’t lie, looking back, it was worth every penny. I waited anxiously for the app to download, I then installed it into my keyboard, and I felt a sudden relief. All my sadness and anxieties had immediately vanished. I felt confidence in myself as a person, a confidence I was not used to feeling. I sent my first BBB emoji (LaVar dancing) to my brother, who I had not spoken to in 5 years because of personal reasons I wish not to share. I sat there and stared at my screen, hoping for a response. Within a matter of minutes, I saw the 3 dots pop up! He sent me back an emoji of LaVar laughing! We then text back and forth to each other for a good 20 minutes, just using BBB emojis. Since this happened, me and my brother developed a bond with each other, one like we had never had before. I called him on the phone and we both apologized to each other for not speaking in so long. Me and my brother have never been this close in our lives. I now only use BBB emojis to communicate with my brother, and many of the other people in my life. It’s like every time I send this emoji, I feel good about myself. I don’t think I can be happier than I am now, thanks to LaVar and BBB emojis. God bless.

Truly epic

Big baller brand is the boss. I’m a big baller, and I got 2$ to burn all day

Rep the team

The biggest ballest emojis ever. They can easily beat apple one on one. Don’t listen to Stephen A or Charles Barkley.

Changed my life

After saving up for this app I have finally made the investment to become a Big Baller, thank you to everyone that believed in me through my journey. I now start for my high school team and score 92 points a game. This app is ball-tastic


Got nothing but Ls before but ever since I got a hoodie and got these stickers, NEVALOST.



Thank you Lavar Ball

This app change me and my wife's life.

great app but needs to have an imessage app as well

i saw another response from the developer but this app absolutely must be available as an imessage app, using a separate keyboard is not a good idea it is very outdated it’s gotta be made into an imessage app at no additional charge, great stickers though

great app

Actual a good app the emojis work good and they can actaully make sense

Great app

I love the app... it was easy to install and I wanted to support these guys movement! It is my first app ever that I bought period. Great job BBB


This is the freakin greatest thing to ever happen to this world

Best app

This is far by the best emoji app and gifs ever


Best app ever , #BBB

I am now a big baller.

Since I have purchased this app, I have become a basketball GOD. I now shoot 3’s like LaMelo, pass like Lonzo, get steals like LiAngelo, and have the mindset of LaVar. Thank you Big Baller Brand.


Lavar is a such an amazing man. Great emojis. 110% satisfied. Keep up the work BBB. #BigBaller


I just had to get it because I am a huge fan of big baller brand and of all the ballers, I love this app!


The impact this app has made on my life is phenomenal. I went from some street giggly-bits to a certified big baller. Amazing.

The man I am today

As a young man striving for greatness I was lacking motivation and a purpose. The Big baller brand app is truly god sending a message of hope and is a sign of future prosperity. Lavar is right now time magazine man of the year for his basketball wisdom and his philanthropist ideals and actions. He is on par with Gandhi, Jesus and Mosses and Abraham. He is a revolutionary the same way as James Naismith did. Lavars new app represents all good in humanity and BBB should be ranked as the first wonder of the world. For two dollars any one who doesn’t get this app should stay in their lanes.

Greatest app ever made

LAVAR HAS DONE IT AGAIN!! not only has he produced the three greatest basketball players of all time, created on the most successful clothing brands of this generation, and claimed his rightful title as the best one on one player to ever live, lavar ball has now authored the most incredible app on the entire app store. i have used countless apps in my day such as twitter, instagram, and messages, but none of them can compare to the quality of the BBB emoji app. Lavar Ball has taken yet another huge step in cementing his legacy as a legendary basketball player, father, and business man with the publishing of this awesome app

Gifs not emojis.

We’re copying and pasting gifs not emojis.


BBB is the G.B.O.A.T ( Greatest brand of all time) lámelo my favorite he’s the #1 G.O.A.T everyone download this app now

Doesn’t work

When I first downloaded the app I thought that it would work but it actually doesn’t even work and I have tried everything I could but nothing would work

Good app

This app is very good and worth the 2$ Big Ballers only though.

My life has changed forever

My life was in complete mess. My family died and I had nothing left. Then I discovered BBB. My life changed for the best.

Big Baller Keyboard

If you don’t have this don’t try to call yourself a big baller

Big baller texting

It is cool it is just really hard to paste the emojis

freaking amazing

i love bbb this is the best purchase i have ever made


I just bought these and they don’t show up on the keyboard

Luis Hernandez 13

Best app ever


Great app. Highly recommend. If you can’t afford it, your not a big baller

We want gelo

Now that gelo isn’t in the ncaa anymore... ADD SOME GELO EMOJIS!!!


Triple B got the plan


Best two dollars ANYONE could ever spend


Give Gelo an emoji

Aww man

Can this be integrated into an iMessage app I thought that’s what it was before I bought it it would make it much easier than it being a keyboard


If you want to be or feel like a baller get these emojis ASAP. Lonzo Ball is the Goat




i wish the gelo would be included in the app but that’s ok. and i think there should be more stickers bc i had to spend 1.99 but let me say it was the best 1.99 that i’ve ever spent and i’ve spent a lot of money in my life. but i still think that gelo should be in this app, like i’m all for melo, and lonzo but what about gelo? other then that it is a very good app and i can’t wait for more stickers to be added! maybe christmas one’s can be add of the whole family? i think that people would really enjoy those for the holidays.

They tried to get political

Why are they bringing Donald trump into basketball Bitmojis, very disrespectful and uncalled for.


Lavar truly spoke the greatest app in the world into existence


It does not work for me I click on emoji and paste does not work.Any one else have this problem? Other then that can't wait is looks awesome

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